What’s missing from your marketing copy? Real writing.

Great marketing copy doesn’t start with clever phrases or sales tricks. It starts with clarity. Writing that consumers will grasp quickly and easily is a must. But my copywriting is more than clear. It’s also fluid, smart, persuasive, and free of errors that undermine credibility and kill sales.

With a journalist’s storytelling instincts, I help build your brand

As a former journalist, I know how to find the heart of your story—your brand—and then tell it in simple terms. Your brand is your foundation, and I wouldn’t think to start writing anywhere but there.

I’m a trained copy editor, so you get style and precision

One analysis of online sales found that a single spelling mistake can cut sales in half. How about some bad grammar and ambiguity? A decade of full-time copyediting honed my command of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I write as if every comma counts, because it does.

I understand the interplay of text and design

Copy has to look good, and design has to read well. Thanks to my years in the magazine world, I understand the visual cues that can help or hinder your message, in print and online. I can both write around design needs and see whether a design supports the copy.

I’m reliable—hire me and forget me

I do what I say I’m going to do. Bending over backward to meet deadlines—while delivering high quality—is a given. I was born responsible, but it’s also another legacy of 15 years in the newspaper and magazine worlds.