• framework-webFramework Homeownership

    Framework’s flagship product is an online course that makes it easy for homebuyers to educate themselves about the mortgage process and the responsibilities of homeownership. My work for this growing social enterprise started with articulating new messaging, developing a new tone suited to the millennial audience, and reworking an existing website. As the company and its understanding of itself and its audience evolve, I continue to help refine and apply brand messaging. I’ve written the primary copy for the new website pictured here, along with video scripts, B2B campaigns, blog content, social media posts, and press releases.

  • framework-course

    The Framework Homebuyer Course

    When Framework was ready to overhaul its online course for homebuyers, they tapped me to rewrite the curriculum. Foremost on my mind was to bring into the course the casual, confident, peer-to-peer tone I’d been helping to develop for the brand. The assignment entailed working closely with Framework’s housing experts, integrating interactive elements, writing scripts for seven short videos within the course, and minor research. As of January 2017, more than 100,000 homebuyers from every state had taken the old course. Framework is growing rapidly, and the upgraded course will likely reach another 100,000 homebuyers in short order.

  • reos-home

    Reos Partners

    Reos Partners is an international social enterprise that helps people make progress on their most important and intractable issues. Using a systemic, collaborative, and creative approach, they partner with governments, corporations, and civil society organizations on education, health, food, energy, the environment, development, justice, security, and peace. With Clarity, I helped to refine and tell their story — here, through the website the team designed and wrote for them. I lifted the headline from a comment Nelson Mandela made in praise of Reos Director Adam Kahane’s book Solving Tough Problems.

  • Academy of Music posters

    Academy of Music Theatre

    Working as a member of the Clarity team, I was fortunate to play a part in developing the Academy of Music’s first-ever capital campaign. The turn-of-the-century theater, which anchors the historic district of downtown Northampton, MA, was sorely in need of new seats, new paint, and new gilding. This is one of a series of posters aimed at educating the public about the Academy’s storied history and the amazing variety of performers and personalities who have taken its stage. Others paired Houdini and Miss Trans New England, and Rudolph Valentino and Dave Brubeck. The capital campaign exceeded its goal, and the renovations brought the Academy back to its full grandeur. Design by Laura Radwell.

  • BACPShome

    Baystate Academy Charter Public School

    A brand-new school in Springfield, MA, BACPS needed basic branding and a new website, fast. I started with a “branding lite” process by which the new principal and community members agreed on primary messages, vocabulary, and tone. One challenge was to use simple language that would be effective with an audience of diverse ethnicities and reading levels, without dumbing things down. A copy platform approved by all nailed down the language. This Gravity Switch “blitz build” won two awards.

  • chd1


    CHD, a large human services organization, had just undergone a rebranding. The annual report introduced the new look to the public, and CHD wanted a new tone to go with it. I tapped the positioning study for on-message headlines, and I cut back on the usual jargon to create a more readable and more persuasive piece. Identity/design by Laura Radwell.

  • bcf-home

    Berkshire Choral International

    For this well-loved nonprofit that brings a professional-level choral experience to amateur singers, I worked closely with web designer/developer Pilotmade to create a whole new site. Like many organizations struggling with old, inadequate websites, BCI had a maze on its hands. So job one was a clear navigation path. It was immediately clear to me that we also needed to feature the multitude of glowing—and previously buried—testimonials throughout the site. This was a rare case in which more copy was better: I did some fast research on the vacation destinations, to add color and links that would engage both new and veteran participants.

  • nvc

    Mediate Your Life

    The clients, long-term practitioners and teachers of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), were ready to launch a business based on their own techniques for teaching NVC. Their marketing/business development team brought me on board to develop a fully realized copy platform and then write the copy for a new website. I executed new messaging for the clients’ multiple audiences and brought clarity and consistency to existing copy.